Empowering the recruiter to engage with proficient, experienced leaders

“I have over 15 years of experience in project management, yet I am unable to find suitable jobs!” – is that your mind voice? Top level executives looking for a job shift are invariably in such a state of mind. Finding a suitable job at management level could be difficult due to a host of reasons, mainly due to …

  • Wider skill set
  • Mismatch at capability and pay scale level
  • Lack of challenging positions
  • Fitment issues

If you are one of those executives looking for a role that meets your career expectations on all fronts, you have come to the right place. Guide and Bridges will find the right job for you no matter which executive level you are at. When we say ‘right job’ we refer to a complete array of job attributes match in addition to financial or skill set match.

Our leadership search incorporates the 14 Sourcing steps and 6 matching step strategy to find the right match. Our expert team gives you a complete view of the latest job trends; skill set expectations and the best pay packages. Once introduced to our comprehensive leadership search, your career scope widens like never before.