People determine the success and growth of any organization

Finding the right resource for open requirements, especially the key managerial positions accelerate organizational growth significantly. Having said that, let us see the common road blocks faced while recruiting for top positions

  • Lack of direction in executive searches
  • Improper background verification
  • Unreliable sourcing
  • Mismatch in candidate skills and job profile

At Guide and Bridges, we have come up with a comprehensive leadership search methodology that ends all your worries with respect to hiring top executives. Our leadership search is built on a solid foundation gained from decades of experience in filling top managerial positions. A set of 14 sourcing steps and 6 matching steps make up our comprehensive search tool.

While most recruiters focus on surface level details like salary, experience or skills, we do an in-depth analysis of attributes such as: relevant education, problem solving skills, analytical skills, drive and motivation, personality, cultural fit and management and organizational capabilities. Such a holistic approach towards executive recruitment ensures exact fit for the position. CEO, CFO, CXO, senior project managers – you name it, we source the best profile!